A Quick Update on Daily Derrick: I’m Not Dead

Hey y’all,

Its been a little quiet on the blog as of late. Allow me to discuss.

If you follow Daily Derrick on Facebook or my personal Twitter account, I’ve been a bit active on those channels. In some ways, more active than usual — but there’s been no new content as of yet. Why?

There’s a lot happening at the moment personally. I’m in the midst of relocating to a completely different part of the city and a few family health scares have thrown a bit of a monkeywrench in my ability to update the blog for the time being. Attempting to coordinate all of that around a 45+ hour work week can cause a bit of strain.

Thankfully things are starting to calm down. Within the coming days, there will be fresh content up and ready to go. I’ve been reading quite a lot and responding to your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, and am enjoying the resulting dialogues. As always, they continue to inspire what and how I’ll write about issues of the day.

There will be more posted here, on other blogs (I’ll share of course) and, coming soon, another online home for me. I can’t wait to share it all soon.

I wouldn’t keep doing this if it weren’t for great readers and conversation partners like each and every one of you. I appreciate your patience and positive energy.

My thanks and big hugs,



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