Ohio’s Twisted Tale of Minority Vote Suppression

It’s the 2012 election, and you know what that means… just like every other election, somehow political parties (translation: GOP) seek to disenfranchise minority voters or otherwise demobilize voters from demographics that won’t support their party’s platform and aims to control government.

The latest in this twisted tale — and there have been many in this year’s election — comes from Ohio, where Ohio secretary of state John Husted recently issued a directive that stopped early voting on nights and weekends in the state. This is despite information presented indicating that many working and black voters utilize those times to vote outside of election day.

They could care less.

So what’s the logic here? That because I’d rather be working and helping responsibly pay bills, contribute to society and/or take care of my kids instead of standing in the long, long lines like Election Day 2008, I can’t keep my opportunity to vote early at a sensible time that aligns with my work schedule?

The GOP answer in Ohio: nope.

Darrel Rowland from the Columbus Post-Dispatch quotes a Ohio GOP election board member flippantly dismissing any claims of unfairness, saying… “bullshit. Quote me!”

They’ll mail absentee ballot applications to voters to try and offset the error, efforts which were applauded according to Rowland’s report.

However, we know how these things happen. Absentee votes don’t get processed immediately in election results. Then, you get issues like the infamous ‘dimpled chads’ from Election Day 2000 and the infamous Bush v. Gore case that decided the election after the Florida voting nightmare.

So, Republicans, just know that we’ve got your eyes on you and watch with skepticism. You can try all you want to suppress and demobilize voters from key Democratic demographics, but you still can’t win with two white privileged pageant queens leading the charge for your party.


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