When It Comes to Gay Politics, Sophie Hawkins, Sit Down

“Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” might’ve been a big hit in 1991, but Sophie B. Hawkins has a new record out and she wants all your love and attention. Except she’s going about it all the wrong way.

In an interview up on Huffington Post, Hawkins decries Obama’s record on LGBT issues. Among the bits of the trainwreck:

He’s all talk. He hasn’t done anything…

Why are we so easy? Why are we so cheap? You can buy a gay person’s vote for nothing. Unbelievable. Low self-esteem.

Gay people are all about publicity and show. Even the marriages… Stop having affairs, and stop acting like straight people.


The last time this woman was even a topic of conversation, I was still watching Barney & Friends. And after an eight year hiatus, which came after the lukewarm-to-cold reception of 2 previous albums,  it’s no surprise that Sophie is scrapping for any media attention she can get in order to regain a slither of relevance.

Conventional wisdom might dictate that pressing the “mute” button works best for folks resorting to outright stupidity for the sake of publicity, but it’s only fair she gets called out for slamming a president that has done more for LGBTs than in any other White House administration.

Let’s see… where do we start:

– Repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy

– Openly endorsing marriage equality

– Creating a heartfelt “It Gets Better” video, along with holding a White House conference on bullying

– Signed into law hate crime measures that included sexual orientation and gender identity

The list goes on, yet there’s so much to still be done. But Hawkins dares to say that Obama “hasn’t done anything” for the community? Talk about clueless.

And instead of putting the brakes on politics talk after slamming Obama, Sophie derides gays en masse by employing unfortunate, judgmental tropes of gay men as morally decrepit, promiscuous, crazed sex addicts who have no capacity for sustaining interpersonal relationships. For someone who, according to the interview, identifies as ‘omnisexual,’ you’d think she’d understand why that’s problematic.

But money is green and she’s clearly desperate for the media hits and record sales.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, since she also says to gays “If you want to get married stay fucking married.” Sure gays can commit to one another, but given that many states still have not legalized same-sex marriage and candidates like Mitt Romney are advocating a federal marriage ban, getting “married” isn’t even a reality for many.

So who are we supposed to support, Sophie, Mitt Romney? He doesn’t even have a section on his campaign website to discuss LGBT issues other than a blurb on his marriage position under the ‘Values‘ section. But check out your president, who’s actively working with the community and has an entire section explaining his values, actions and goals on LGBT issues over the past four years and if he gets four more.

And you still say he’s not doing anything for the community? Please…

The next time Sophie B. Hawkins, who’s basically a washed-up predecessor of Ms. “Call Me Maybe” herself, wishes to comment on politics, I’d suggest she leave it to the pros or at least to folks who educate themselves before going on outlandish rants.

Not like she could care anyway; she’s only in it for the record sales. That’s save for her campaigning for Hillary Clinton and environmentalist causes.

Perhaps someone should ask her what she’s done politically for the LGBT community. But I’d wager that, in Sophie’s own words about Obama, she’s “all talk.”

Photo: RealSea.net

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